Fundraising with Digital

Digital marketing for charities workshop
Non-profit organisations
Participants equipped with skills needed to increase donations by attracting and converting more online visitors

The client

The clients in this case were leading national charity organisations including St John’s Wales, Tenovus, Wales Air Ambulance and ASH Wales. Together, these charities raise millions each year for their causes, and provide help to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

 digital marketing for charities

The challenge

In a recent research project LASA reported that, when asked how they felt about their use of digital, 69% of charities said that they “could do more with it”. Over half (56%) said that they needed training to maximise digital’s potential.

However, despite knowing that digital has the potential to have a huge impact on fundraising efforts, sometimes a lack of resources makes it hard for charities to reach their goals. Recognising the need for support in this clearly crucial area, Box UK opened their doors to third sector organisations with a tailored training session designed to help charities and non-profits improve their online fundraising results.

Our solution

Covering the fundamentals of an integrated approach to digital marketing strategy, Box UK’s “Fundraising with Digital” workshop looked at online campaigns from both a strategic and implementation perspective, with a focus on segmenting target audiences and leveraging donor retention. Designed to help attendees identify new opportunities for fundraising and highlight any potential gains in efficiency or donation uptake, the session introduced fundraisers to the ins and outs of Google Grants, the possibilities for relationship building via social media, and various search engine optimisation techniques. Tracing the footsteps of a potential stakeholder’s journey through a donation ‘funnel’, the workshop made use of best practice examples and real-world case studies throughout to enhance participants’ understanding.

The outcome

In taking a funnel-led approach, the session was able to provide valuable, practical insight into how the different areas of digital marketing complement one another, and clearly emphasised the impact improved user engagement can have on donations. Attendees left the free Cardiff based half-day training event equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques to help them identify opportunities for enhancements to their existing fundraising efforts, as well as entirely new campaigns.