e-Crime Wales

Technical re-design of site architecture for public digital safety body
e-Crime Wales
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The client

e-Crime Wales is a partnership of organisations and agencies committed to equipping Welsh businesses with the knowledge and tools to be aware, vigilant, informed, and ultimately safe from the destructive effects of e-Crime in all its forms. An e-Crime is a criminal activity where a computer or computer network is the source, tool, target or place of a crime.

Businesses in Wales are facing real and potentially devastating risks from e-Crime, while new threats are emerging with increasing regularity, so it is more important than ever that support networks are in place.

The challenge

When e-Crime Wales made the decision to undertake a complete redesign of their site, they approached Box UK about carrying out this development. This would include new visual styling and improved technical architecture, along with increased functionality to ensure that e-Crime Wales are able to effectively maintain an industry-leading online presence.

A key requirement of the project was for Box UK to streamline and clarify the process visitors to the site have to go through to receive important information on e-Crime awareness and prevention. 

Our solution

Box UK’s developers worked to update the site’s navigation and layout, to provide users with a clear, easy-to-use experience. These architectural changes were complemented by a visual redesign, provided by Swansea-based design firm S8080.

Technical re-design of site architecture

As e-Crime Wales already power their site via our cutting-edge Content Management System these changes could be implemented seamlessly, and were integrated along with functionality including interactive menus, multimedia elements and third-party links. Our team worked to develop a ‘User Account’ function that allows visitors to log in and automatically download factsheets and newsletters, increasing the speed and ease with which they can access vital information and advice.

The outcome

The updated navigation and layout of the new e-Crime Wales site provides users with an improved online experience, and makes vital information and services easy to find. The implementation of a user account registration function offers users immediate access to relevant information, saving e-Crime Wales time and money by vastly improving the efficiency with which content can be delivered.