Global Retailer site review

Expert usability review highlights e-commerce best practice for international retailer
Global Retailer
Clear recommendations for improving usability

The challenge

A leading international supermarket chain approached Box UK for an expert usability review of their e-commerce site in order to identify User Experience (UX) issues for key pages and user journeys and, ultimately, improve their online conversion rate. Gathering insight into both the product pages and the payment process, the review produced a series of high-level and immediately actionable recommendations that would allow the client to rapidly improve conversion rates in critical business areas.

Our solution

To most effectively assess the retailer’s site, Box UK’s User Experience consultants analysed each stage in the user journey, from search engine results pages (SERPs) through to product page layout and calls to action (CTAs).

Enticing the user into adding a product to their online shopping basket is only half the battle for an e-commerce site, so journey effectiveness from basket to completed transaction (including any registration forms or logins) was also measured through usability testing, with any barriers to completion identified. Analysis and benchmarking against key competitors was also completed.

The intensive review looked at how well the site met common technical, design and content best practice principles, with a competitor’s site used to provide real-world comparisons. This detailed analysis, combined with industry research and statistics enabled Box UK’s consultants to draw out areas where the retailer could easily optimise their site for increased conversions.

The outcome

The bespoke report provided the client with clear recommendations for key pages and user journeys on their e-commerce site along with more general best practice advice where appropriate making it a useful reference for other website developments too. All the recommendations provided will enable the retailer to improve the user experience of their site from search results through to purchase, helping improve brand perception through a better online user experience, as well as increasing conversion rates and, ultimately, revenue.