IWM Searchlight

CMS-powered microsite brings together museum’s wartime Britain collection
Imperial War Museum
Encourages an active approach to learning

The client

The Imperial War Museum is a British national museum dedicated to commemorating the history of conflict and wartime life from the First World War to the present day.

The Searchlight project was set up to bring together items from the Imperial War Museum Collections and the expertise of its staff to create unique stories of modern conflict.

The challenge

The Imperial War Museum undertook the Searchlight: Stories From Our Collection project to increase interactivity on the site and collate disparate elements of the IWM’s exhibitions and knowledge. Accordingly, Box UK were called upon to design a new micro site specifically for the project.

A key priority for IWM was to ensure the site was informative and engaging, therefore it was necessary for Box UK to include a variety of functional elements. The site was intended to be a stimulating insight into 20th century warfare, therefore user interactivity was an important goal – the site needed to encourage exploration.

Our solution

Box UK integrated the Searchlight project into the main body of the Imperial War Museum’s website via our Amaxus CMS. The underlying framework of the site allows for easy expansion and diversification, ensuring that this project can continue to bring together the vast array of the IWM’s information and artifacts.

CMS-powered microsite brings together museum’s wartime Britain collection

Multimedia including images, video and audio were implemented to provide a comprehensive learning experience; Box UK also integrated a “Zoom Tool” module which lets users explore the online artifacts in incredible detail. For increased user interactivity, Box UK developed a carousel style menu, with a search feature including Theme and Time Period filters to ensure information can be quickly and easily accessed.

The outcome

The Searchlight project has been incredibly successful, and by choosing Amaxus as the engine behind the project, the Imperial War Museum can continue to add fascinating content and evidence to the site.

The multimedia and interactive capabilities have encouraged users to take an active approach when using the site, exploring all available information and spending an increased amount of time learning more about Britain’s military past.