Data Analytics

Discover exactly where your efforts should be focused and optimise your site for increased revenue with in-depth data analysis from Box UK.

Data analytics

It’s now easier than ever to monitor and measure online business activities, but translating raw numbers into actionable insight can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Use Box UK’s data analytics services to filter through the wealth of information available and uncover what’s really happening on your website, allowing you to reclaim your time for valuable revenue generating activity.

Armed with an overview of your most effective tactics and opportunities for improvement, streamline your efforts and make the most of your budget by validating strategic decisions early, based on what really works. Target users in the ways that create most traction and engagement, all while demonstrating to your CFO and other key stakeholders the reasoning behind your digital activity.


Beginning with an in-depth research phase our consultants uncover your core business goals, incorporating industry analysis, audience research and stakeholder workshops to identify exactly what you want to achieve from your site, application or campaign.

Using these insights as a foundation we assess your current performance against key objectives, employing a bespoke combination of market-leading web analytics software that includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Coremetrics
  • Webtrends
  • Omniture
  • Hitwise
  • Excel
  • And more…

Going beyond basic observations, our business analysts identify the channels and activities producing the greatest revenue and profit, building this information into a comprehensive strategy tailored to your individual needs, scope and budget.


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Actionable insight

Available as standalone services or integrated as part of a wider online strategy, our Data Analytics activities inform practical recommendations that have a real impact on your bottom line. Find out which segments of your visitors are generating the most revenue, and tailor the content and structure of your pages to best cater for these users. Monitor check-out and registration processes and analyse form journeys to rapidly identify and resolve common drop-off points for increased conversions with the help of our expert user experience consultants.


See which of your traffic-generating activities are producing the best results, whether search marketing, display advertising, social outreach or more. Work with Box UK’s dedicated SEO & PPC and social media teams to optimise your marketing mix based on the channels your users respond to, for the greatest returns whatever your budget.


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Monitoring and maintenance

Regular ongoing reports ensure information gathered by your analytics software isn’t going to waste. Illustrating your users ‘footprint of activity’, important factors are clearly summarised with actionable suggestions for continual optimisation. For a cost-effective way to make a big impact on your ROI identify ‘quick wins’ with one-off reviews of business critical features, such as:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email
  • Campaign conversions
  • Lead generation activities

The right choice

  • Expert marketers specialising in online data analytics
  • In-house user experience experts to address usability concerns which could be undoing existing efforts
  • Award-winning development team who ensure code is correctly implemented for optimised tracking, SEO and other considerations
  • Dedicated project team from account director through to consultants and implementation specialists