Expert Usability Review

Our Expert Usability Reviews are a cost-effective way to quickly identify areas for improvement in your site or application.

Why invest in an expert usability review?

An independent usability review is one of the quickest and most efficient investments you can make to uncover usability issues in your digital products.

Undertaken by our experienced UX consultants, key tasks and user journeys are evaluated by stepping through your site or application (known as a ’cognitive walk through’).

What will I get in an expert review?

By commissioning a usability review of your site or app you benefit from:

  • A detailed list of issues that need to be resolved
  • Suggested solutions for resolving existing usability issues
  • A list of areas that are working well
  • Suggestions for new areas/functionality that will improve the user experience

With findings compiled into a bespoke, visual report, you take away crucial expert insight along with actionable recommendations for improvement, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your digital products.

Usability Review

When is an expert review suitable?

The great thing about a usability analysis is that your organisation can benefit from one at any stage:

  • Planning on building a brand new site or app? Evaluate the usability of your competitors’ offerings
  • Currently building a product? Let us perform a cognitive walk through to inform the rest of the build process
  • Running an existing site? A usability review will help you understand where improvements can be made

If undertaken in tandem with usability testing, an expert usability review offers a powerful set of empirical data with which informed decisions can be made about the user experience of your site or app.

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