IT Consultancy

From looking after servers to maximising scalability with the cloud, our experienced IT consultants provide advice on getting the most from your infrastructure.

IT consulting

Ensure your business is robust and dynamic enough to cope with changing demands and conditions. We’ve worked with organisations including BCS, World Vision and Investec to guide them through vital IT infrastructure decisions, following best practices for increased agility, capability and capacity.

IT Consultancy


Using environment audits, trends analysis and organisational profiling together with extensive experience delivering IT consultancy to organisations around the world, our technology consultants provide grounded real-world guidance on procurement, standby planning, logistics and more along with rollout plans that help evolve your systems in line with strategic business plans.

  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Business community plans
  • Forecasting
  • Networking diagrams


Manage disparate services and software with advice on the virtualisation and interoperability of your infrastructure for consolidation across systems.


From unified communications (including VoIP) to managing geographical dispersion, support the flexibility of remote working and control cost with expert advice on the most up-to-date systems and strategies to help ensure your solution is efficient, effective and future-proofed.

IT consulting


Our IT consultants define the scale of your required infrastructure, recommending the appropriate hosting (physical, cloud or hybrid) and tiered storage solution along with providing advice on resilience, redundancy and capacity planning.

The right choice

  • Highly specialised IT consultancy based in London and Cardiff
  • Advisers to BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT and globally recognised financial institutions
  • Traditional and cutting-edge solutions embraced in a flexible, business-focused approach
  • Dedicated project team from account director through to developer and tester