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Box UK’s User Experience (UX) consultants help organisations to generate greater returns from their digital channels by streamlining key conversion paths and encouraging user engagement.

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  • Their decision-making processes
  • Psychological triggers
  • And more

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User Experience Consultancy

Make sure your users can easily access important information and complete key tasks online with Box UK’s range of UX consultancy services that perfectly balance your business and audience requirements to deliver exceptional user experiences. Find out more >

Expert Usability Reviews
Box UK’s expert usability reviews provide instant insight into how well your site currently meets critical UX best practices and deliver practical recommendations on how to optimise your users’ experience. Find out more >

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The benefits of user journey mapping

Explore how user journey mapping informs design and development decisions based on how users interact with your site. Read the post >

"Box UK impressed from the start, with a strong focus on understanding what we wanted to achieve, why, who the audience was, and how all the data and tasks fitted together." Martyn Kelly, Head of UX, Cardiff University

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