Box UK launch UI Sketcher for iPad

Box UK are excited to announce the release of UI Sketcher, an in-house developed User Interface design tool available on the iPad.

Launching user interface sketching tool

Box UK are excited to announce the release of UI Sketcher, a User Interface design tool available on the iPad. The app has been developed in-house specifically for User Interface designers, to provide a new way to generate ideas quickly and without complexity.

James Downes, Head of User Experience at Box UK and creator of UI Sketcher says “The app has been designed with a specific goal in mind; to improve the working practices of User Interface designers. We’re passionate about User Experience, and it was our desire to share this enthusiasm that led us to develop UI Sketcher.”

Ideal for remote working

Based around the sketchboard technique of UI design, UI Sketcher takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the iPad platform to create a realistic sketching app that is perfect for sketching on the move. UI Sketcher has a variety of drawing tools, including a selection of realistic marker pens, highlighters and correcting fluid all designed to behave as they would in a physical environment. Along with a realistic paper drawing surface and templates, this allows designers to intuitively sketch as they would in a physical environment, but without the need for lots of materials.

The ability to share and communicate is the key underlying concept of sketchboards, and UI Sketcher offers a range of sharing features, including the option to email designs or upload them to a Dropbox account. The app even supports an external display connection which allows users to display their sketches on a monitor, projector or large-screen TV. This makes it ideal for users working remotely, and enables client approval to be achieved more quickly as sketches can be shared wherever you are.

Expertly designed app

Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director at Box UK says “We’re very proud of the work that’s been done on the UI Sketcher. Box UK has some of the most talented designers and developers in the country, and this expertly designed app is an excellent reflection of this.”

We believe that UI Sketcher is a valuable addition to the traditional sketching toolkit, meeting the needs of UI designers like nothing else on the market. Take a look at the UI Sketcher today and see how it could meet your design needs. 

About Box UK

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