Our Approach

We’re dedicated to going the extra mile on every project we’re involved in, working collaboratively with our clients to produce amazing results.

Lean and rapid development

Our rapid deployment process and Lean development techniques mean we deliver software faster, more efficiently and with higher quality than companies using traditional methods. In everything from the initial brief and specifications through to ongoing communications and sign-off we strive to eliminate waste and hence cost. By incorporating Agile into our entire process, we facilitate a seamless transition between design and development, prioritising functionality based on pre-defined user stories to uniquely enable our teams to run in parallel for even faster delivery.

User focus

Our integrated and collaborative approach to managing the full project lifecycle ensures that user experience is at the heart of everything we do. Through discovery sessions we uncover the most important needs, behaviours and motivations of your audience, shaping the functional requirements of your build around these for a truly user centred design. Being technology agnostic we’re not limited to a small set of tools and languages and instead will always choose the most appropriate solution available to achieve your business goals.

A requirements gathering format based around user stories focuses on explaining who the user is and what they want to do, providing a single point of reference for your business and offering clear reasoning behind any design decisions for quicker approval and sign-off. Lightweight wireframes and interactive prototypes facilitate rapid and iterative testing to gather real user and stakeholder feedback, so lessons can be learned and assumptions validated before a single line of code is written.

User focus

Agile delivery

For us, Agile delivery is more than just a methodology; it’s an ingrained part of our core values and company culture. Our own tailored approach, Hive, blends the very best elements of the process with trusted governance structures in a flexible, adaptive framework. An open and transparent relationship with dedicated account and project managers, development teams and testers means regular updates on progress from the very first kick-off meeting through to delivery, retrospectives and beyond.

Agile Delivery

Success criteria defined in the earliest stages are continually referenced to measure how well the project is achieving against central business aims. Working in short sprints we are able to quickly respond to changing market conditions; with live demonstrations of working products every two weeks the project can easily evolve and even change direction if necessary without incurring losses.

Long-term strategy

As part of our commitment to the long-term success of our clients, we specialise in working closely with organisations, building comprehensive digital plans that grow along with the business. Our continual learning processes enable us to evolve and refine solutions based on what really works, with the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of complementary services including search engine optimisation and social media consultancy for even greater reach and impact.

We place great emphasis on building client partnerships that add real value, providing a long-term development resource that offers continuity and domain knowledge while delivering products that impart real strategic advantage. We’ll work collaboratively with you as digital partners to overcome technology challenges or support large-scale projects where consistency, continuity and speed of delivery are essential.

Agile Collaboration

We also offer a retained team service, based on three developers or more, to help in overcoming the technology ‘hump’ where specialist expertise may be required or talent acquisition costs are prohibitively high. Our retained teams provide a very high level of versatile expertise along with great value for money with minimal risk, thanks to a costing model you control on a monthly basis.

The right choice

Agile Delivery Methodolgies

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