Responsive Web Design

As internet-enabled platforms and mobile devices proliferate, responsive web design offers a flexible means of providing content when and where users need it.

Why consider responsive web design?

An increasingly popular approach to cross-platform development, responsive web design enables organisations to meet the diverse needs of their users through a single online channel. Building on a flexible framework that detects the device being used and adapts the layout accordingly, a consistent user experience is ensured across all devices.

Web browsing on mobile devices is becoming ever more easy and accessible; non-desktop internet usage has risen exponentially over recent years, with some estimates suggesting that there will be more mobile devices than people on the planet by 2017. In addition to this the range and variety of devices available continues to expand; with predictions of tablet sales growing by 46% year-on-year and dozens of e-reader devices on the market, along with internet-enabled TVs, games consoles and more.

Many high-profile organisations, for example the Boston Globe and the Guardian, have adopted responsive website design, and at Box UK we’re also seeing our clients (including Investec Asset Management) embracing the approach to great effect. Investing in a responsive website framework ensures you’re able to remain competitive within an increasingly large, complex and rapidly changing marketplace, as well as driving many business benefits:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Reduced overheads
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved cross-channel user experience

Responsive Web Design

Multi-platform approach

Our consultants work with you from the very earliest stages of your project to uncover and analyse the behaviour, motivations and contexts of your current audience along with your core business objectives and requirements.  Using this information we deliver practical advice on tailoring your responsive website design for maximum effect, whether you want to keep aspects of your existing site in place or are taking the opportunity to completely reinvent your brand messaging. From guidance on breakpoints, expected levels of traffic and future-proofing to keyword analysis, SEO optimisation and marketing campaigns, our holistic approach helps you achieve long-term goals. Read more about how we work by visiting our development process page.

User considerations

Anticipate and respond to the needs of your users by putting them at the centre of your development with a User Centred Design (UCD) approach. Translating information gathered in the early stakeholder workshops into user stories, all requirements are captured in a clear, readable format to inform the direction of design; for example, taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach if the majority of users will be accessing content on smartphones. information architecture and user interface designs are delivered as lightweight prototypes for rapid testing and iteration to validate decisions before committing development resource, while maintaining an accessible and engaging browsing experience across a wide range of platforms.

Responsive Website Design

Flexible framework

With an expert, technology agnostic development team you can be sure of a solution that uses the most appropriate tools and languages available, including HTML5 and CSS3, to ensure a smooth and reactive experience. Developing for the most common devices first (typically smartphones, tablets and desktop) within a flexible framework provides confidence that every aspect of your site from functionality to content is of the highest possible quality and performance.

Tailored visual web design

Provide your users with a site that is not only beautiful but also enables them to find the information they need quickly and intuitively, regardless of screen size. Our graphic designers understand the complexities of designing for multiple devices and are skilled in crafting typography, imagery, colour, logos and more for a high-impact design that effectively reflects your core brand and messaging.

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