Search Marketing Review

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your search performance with an SEO site audit and PPC analysis from Box UK’s search marketing experts.

Search analysis

Detailed analysis of your company’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) activity by our specialist search marketing consultants provides valuable insight into your current performance along with expert recommendations for improvement. Combining a variety of crucial assessments and activities into a bespoke package, Box UK’s search marketing review offers a highly effective way to rapidly identify actions that will have a positive impact on your SERP listings and drive traffic, reach and conversions

Search Analysis

SEO site audit

Optimise your site to attract a higher volume and quality of traffic through organic search results with a comprehensive SEO consultation. Looking at a range of on- and off-site issues, our team assesses critical areas of your site against a number of SEO best practice criteria, including:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Information Architecture
  • Metadata
  • Site performance
  • Content
  • Linking
  • And more…

PPC analysis

Get the most out of your paid search budgets and justify strategic decisions with in-depth analysis of your Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter, and Linkedin and Facebook advertising activity. Looking at every aspect of your accounts from overarching structure and keyword use to the copy and placement of individual adverts, our findings help identify areas for immediate improvement and provide a solid benchmark against which any future modifications can be measured.

Search Advertising

Optional SEO competitor analysis

For enhanced insight into the competitive landscape of your industry or sector, our consultants can conduct an optional analysis of up to four competitors, looking at core SEO indicators including domain authority, index coverage and link quality. Compiled into a clear and comprehensive report this activity can be used to build an objective view of SEO performance, highlighting key areas for differentiation and development.


The results of our activities are delivered as a bespoke report combining statistical evidence, best practice guidance and actionable recommendations for improvement, providing a single, central resource to support the ongoing refinement and evolution of your search strategy.

Search Marketing Review Sample Report

What to expect

  • Increased visibility
  • Greater levels and quality of traffic
  • Measurable performance improvements
  • Improved conversions

Why us?

Our dedicated search engine marketing consultants are highly experienced in all aspects organic and paid search, and have a history of delivering proven results through the expert implementation and management of SEO and PPC techniques. This standalone review enables you to take advantage of their wide range of knowledge and skills while maintaining cost-effectiveness, so that your budget can be spent in the most productive way.

Where next?

To find out how you can make rapid and effective improvements to your website or application, book a search marketing review today.