Deliver exceptional digital experiences that rapidly move prospects down the conversion funnel with the award-winning Sitecore Experience Platform.

About Sitecore

Trusted by over 4,750 organisations worldwide including international brands such as American Express, easyJet and Nestlé, Sitecore is a leading provider in customer experience management. With organisations increasingly looking to humanise the user experience, the Sitecore Experience Platform measurably supports these objectives by providing a single view of the customer that facilitates meaningful interactions with quantifiable value.

Combining proven web content management and customer intelligence capabilities, Sitecore joins up disparate channels including web, email, mobile, social and offline to deliver the most relevant information and services at every stage of the customer lifecycle, for increased engagement, sales and loyalty.

Sitecore CMS

  • Content Management System (CMS) used by over 50,000 websites across the globe
  • Named as a Leader in the Gartner Web Content Management Magic Quadrant four years running
  • Based on the Microsoft-developed .NET programming language that offers outstanding levels of flexibility, stability and scalability
  • Enterprise-class capabilities make it easy to deploy, manage, integrate and secure your websites
  • Built-in search engine optimisation tools increase visibility, reach and traffic
  • Web Forms for Marketers feature lets users across your business create advanced forms without requiring programming knowledge
  • Social media functionality enables you to reach out to audiences through their preferred spaces, let visitors log in through social accounts, and use social data for an enhanced experience
  • Best-in-class integrations ensure a seamless experience no matter how users access your content
  • Find out more about the Sitecore CMS on our blog

Sitecore DMS

  • Digital Marketing System (DMS) helps you understand campaign and site performance
  • Sitecore AIDA™ technology provides the insight you need to generate more qualified leads
  • Dynamic personalisation capability adapts content according to the behaviour of your users
  • Engagement automation streamlines your relationship with customers and enables on-going, personalised conversations
  • Email marketing integrates with your website, online campaign performance metrics, marketing automation and content personalisation
  • Advanced analytical features enable the on-going optimisation of your strategy as user needs and market demands evolve
  • Sales intelligence arms you with the data needed to close more deals
  • Find out more on our Sitecore DMS page

How can we help you?

At Box UK our dedicated Sitecore development teams are experienced in delivering high-performance, fully-tested and extensible solutions that help you make the most of the platform’s strength, intelligence and flexibility. Whatever your requirements, we offer a range of services to ensure Sitecore works for you:

Sitecore Analytics

Engagement Analytics provides you with a detailed understanding of how users are responding to different campaigns, channels and content; helping you get the most from your marketing budget.

Sitecore & E-Commerce

Discover how Sitecore combines data on customer preferences, purchase history and behaviour to provide online retailers with the tools to optimise every stage of the purchase funnel and drive increased conversions.

Sitecore Implementation

Our world-class software engineering practices use industry-leading techniques such as test driven development, continuous integration and deployment-minded delivery to ensure your Sitecore CMS implementation is fast, robust and scalable.

Sitecore Audit

Validate the quality and suitability of your build with an external audit conducted by Box UK’s team of qualified Sitecore specialists that reveals how well the implementation adheres to recommended best practice and delivers expert guidance on improving your site’s performance.

Sitecore Integration
Enhance your Sitecore solution by integrating with best-of-breed third-party systems that deliver enhanced functionality and drive increased efficiency.