Social Media Management

Delivering actionable end-to-end strategy supported by perfectly executed activity and analysis to help grow your user base and increase customer loyalty.

Social media consultancy

Communicate with your audience through their preferred social channels for targeted interaction and engagement. Our consultants are passionate about using social media to foster meaningful, productive relationships and have many years of experience creating and implementing practical and effective social media plans and campaigns.

Social Media Management Services

Specialising in the setup and management of listening posts, content creation, press liaison and more, our consultants’ key focus is on delivering long-term social media success. Co-ordinating activity across the most effective online platforms, whether established or emerging, our strategies are specifically designed to dovetail with more traditional marketing tactics for a holistic cross-channel experience.


Maximise your budget by identifying your target audiences, and their favoured social networks, at an early stage. Social media audits, competitor analysis, influencer research and market studies benchmark current performance and provide comprehensive reasoning for all strategic decisions.

Our team works closely with key stakeholders to uncover the most effective ways to leverage chosen spaces for maximum business benefit. These findings inform the creation of a detailed social media strategy that you can take away, or have implemented by Box UK’s in-house specialists for increased efficiency.

Conversations and content

Initiate long-term, multi-channel nurturing campaigns with the help of a clear and transparent process and well-defined brand communications guidance. Support this activity with expertly crafted content including blog posts, videos and infographics to excite your audience and encourage content sharing while continuing to pursue wider campaign goals and move leads along the funnel through to conversion.

Social Media Management


Dedicated account and project managers organise the setup and maintenance of required social network accounts, forums and automated workflows. With a blend of specialist knowledge and advanced technical capability, Box UK is uniquely placed to carry your social vision as far as you wish to take it, integrating social deep into your site for increased efficiencies and an improved user experience.

Committed to exploring the very latest tools, techniques and technologies, we’re able to identify suitable new opportunities to help you remain ahead of the competition. Our expertise and insight ensure every implementation brings you closer to achieving your business goals and avoids inefficiencies caused by having to maintain a presence on every new network.

Reporting and analysis

On-going monitoring of your chosen channels identifies opportunities, trends and underlying sentiment. We filter through the noise to find the most important conversations, so you can be sure you’re providing the relevant information to interested prospects.

Take advantage of the measurable nature of social media to continually assess and improve. We analyse your social data to present a clear overview of performance, uncover short- and long-term patterns and provide focus going forward to keep activity aligned with business KPIs.

The right choice

  • Dedicated team with a portfolio of exciting and effective campaigns
  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of social including profile set-up, management, engagement and strategy, as well as standalone social media reviews.
  • Specialisation in major social networking services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and FourSquare
  • Technological expertise implementing social media management services, workflows and automation
  • Award-winning in-house project teams to carry out associated development activity
  • Visit our blog to find out more about the benefits of social networks for businesses and how companies can create effective social media strategies
  • Dedicated project team from account director through to consultants and implementation specialists