Social Media Review

Incorporating expert social media analysis and competitive assessments, a Social Media Review optimises your presence across popular networks.

Social media review

Gain instant insight into the effectiveness of your current social media activity and identify key areas for improvement with a tailored analysis package from Box UK. Starting with a review of your existing social profiles, our social media review not only looks at the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and LinkedIn, but also assesses your effectiveness across popular forums and blogs (including StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit), as well as any niche channels specific to your industry or target audience.

Social Media Networks

Social media analysis

To comprehensively assess your company’s position in the social landscape the review scores performance against five key areas:

  • Customer communication
  • Brand exposure
  • Conversation monitoring
  • Traffic to site
  • Social contribution to SEO

These scores are further broken down by each network or channel, for enhanced insight into where you should be investing time and budget for optimal impact and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Social Media Analysis

Competitive analysis

To strengthen the findings of the initial consultation and provide a benchmark for improvement, an optional social media competitive analysis can be incorporated into the review. Analysing up to four organisations in your industry or sector, our team assesses these companies against the same five criteria listed above for an objective comparison of performance, helping identify best practice techniques, areas for differentiation and opportunities for improvement.


After the analysis has been completed our findings are delivered as part of a bespoke report, providing a clear and usable reference to guide ongoing activities along with expert recommendations for future improvement. From optimising the networks you’re already active on to suggesting new channels to target, the advice can be taken away and implemented internally, or passed to our in-house teams for execution on your behalf.

What to expect

  • Greater reach
  • Improved engagement
  • Brand advocacy
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Greater return on investment

Why us?

Box UK’s consultants have extensive experience in helping major organisations incorporate social media activity into their digital marketing strategies, taking advantage of popular social networking services including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and FourSquare to drive awareness, traffic and sales for bottom-line impact. This review condenses all our experience into a standalone service incorporating multiple activities, delivering the highest possible value in an extremely cost-effective format.

Where next?

To find out how you can make rapid and effective improvements to your online  profiles, book a social media review today.