User Experience

Ensuring your digital products fulfil your users’ needs and your organisational objectives for increased engagement, satisfaction and conversions.

The ROI of User Experience

For confidence that your digital products spend is optimised, and that you have an edge over your competitors, investment in your users’ experience with you online is vital. A strong User Experience (UX) will give you:

    • Higher conversion rates
    • Decreased development costs
    • Reduced customer support costs
    • Greater reach
    • Improved brand visibility and perception
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Improved search rankings

User Experience

Which UX service is right for you?

We help our clients deliver the optimum experience to their users with a lean and pragmatic set of UX consultancy services including:

Requirements Gathering

Getting to the heart of your organisation’s requirements and your users’ needs.
Read how we tackle research >

Expert Usability Review

Giving you actionable recommendations to improve your current site or app.
How a review can help you >

Usability Testing

Nothing beats observing your users interacting with your digital products. Find out why.
More about our usability testing >

Information Architecture (IA)

Ensure your site is built on sound foundations.
Let us help you shape your IA >

UX Design

Providing compelling, effective interfaces for your users to interact with your organisation is crucial.
Delivering great UX design >

Our lean UX process

Box UK’s user experience consultancy¬†process is built around Agile and lean UX principles and focused on understanding, designing and validating a user experience that ensures our client’s business requirements are met, while providing users with a product that’s compelling to use.

Embracing flexibility, we select only the most suitable UX techniques and disciplines for each project to help us deliver the best possible user experience.