Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes

“For every dollar a company invests to increase usability it receives $10-$100 in benefits, and wins customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Fix usability issues early in the development process with our recommendations for efficient and cost-effective usability testing.

Avoid common mistakes when conducting usability testing

Ensure your usability testing processes are fully optimised by downloading our new User Experience white paper. In “Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes” UX Consultant Gavin Harris examines the most common issues faced during the testing process and provides best practice advice on how to avoid them. Discover the considerations that are often overlooked during testing, and learn the techniques that can help you make the most of your interactions with users to deliver better return on investment. 

Topics covered:

Some of the issues highlighted in our white paper include:

  • Recruiting unsuitable participants
  • Not testing early enough in the project lifecycle
  • Not considering external influences
  • And more…

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Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes