Five Signs Your Web Project Needs Agile

“92% of organisations say that implementing Agile has improved their ability to manage changing priorities.”

Using our checklist of key indicators, discover how implementing an Agile approach can benefit your business.

Using the benefits of Agile methodologies to improve project delivery

In this white paper we explore the benefits of adopting an Agile approach for web development projects. Drawing on our team’s years of experience tailoring Agile project management principles for practical business application across a range of industries, “Five Signs Your Web Project Needs Agile” also includes a checklist of key indicators that your projects could benefit from switching, along with expert advice and recommendations for a successful change-over.

Spotting the signs

If you find any of the following problems familiar, our Agile white paper will show how implementing elements of the approach could help you get better software fast:

  • Heavy, quickly outdated documentation?
  • Difficulty managing remote teams?
  • Out-of-control admin?
  • Unused and under-appreciated features?
  • Spiralling costs and timescales?

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Five signs your web project needs Agile


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