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Box UK was a headline sponsor at MemCom 2016, helping membership organisations leverage the latest in psychological insight and technological innovation to improve and optimise their digital strategies. Find out more >


July 2016 sees Business Analyst Allie Brock and QA Tester Sophie Hayden present at Agile Cymru on a) how games can be used to educate people in the key concepts of Agile, and b) what 'getting into bed' with QA can bring to the development lifecycle. Find out more >

The Sunday Times

Box UK’s Managing Director Benno Wasserstein was a key contributor when the Sunday Times wrote an article for their business readers on “when to ignore the advice of experts”.


Since March 2015 Box UK has made regular contributions to online IT publication Information Age, from introductory articles about customer experience mapping to features on how membership and financial institutions might leverage digital technologies to deliver innovative new services and experiences.

The Daily Telegraph

This national newspaper turned to Managing Director Benno Wasserstein for insight into how SMEs might leverage technology for increased innovation in their organisations.

europe business review

Box UK has provided Business Review Europe’s readers with insight into the latest innovations and business practices happening in the technology sector today, with articles focused on improving the digital experience to keep customers coming back for more, driving higher online conversion rates and using technology to empower employees, among others.


To help its audience of industry professionals work smarter, Lifehacker asked Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director at Box UK, for his personal tips and tricks as part of its “How I Work” series, which looks at how leading industry professionals “get things done”.

netimperative - Digital intelligence for business

Box UK drew on extensive experience defining and implementing the online strategies of organisations across a range of industries in articles looking at digital transformation in the not-for-profit and membership sectors, and the publication has also covered our long-term collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing, the world’s largest professional union of nursing staff.

Financial IT - Innovations in Technology

Covering Box UK’s long-term and award-winning partnership with TBC Bank, Financial IT took a look at the pivotal role we have played in helping the financial institution grow remote banking transactions by 54% in just 12 months.

digital marketing magazine

Focusing on those issues that matter most to digital marketing professionals, Box UK’s articles for Digital Marketing Magazine have investigated how digital transformation continues to drive innovation, the rise of challenger banks, emerging technology trends and more.

Box UK’s Head of User Experience Tom Evans explored the challenges and opportunities associated with designing for wearable devices for Web Designer magazine - the leading authority for worldwide web creatives and designers.  

IDG Connect

IDG Connect profiled Box UK’s Managing Director Benno Wasserstein as part of its “Typical 24” series, sharing insight into his daily routine and working practices. Benno has also contributed to the publication’s “C-suite career advice” series, providing guidance for the publication’s global community of IT professionals.

The HR Director - The only independent strategic HR publication

To help HR directors and other senior HR managers keep on top of changes in a fast-paced industry, Box UK explored how investing in internal digital transformation initiatives can not only improve employee satisfaction, but also business performance too.

Box UK has contributed a number of articles to Fresh Business Thinking - an online resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs - including pieces on the role discovery activities play in the road to digital transformation, ways to make online forms more appealing and usable, and the importance of technology in fostering a positive corporate culture.

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