Box UK have recently renewed their prestigious Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, showcasing our commitment to upholding government-mandated standards in cyber security protection.Cyber Essentials Plus is an esteemed accreditation scheme supported by the government, aimed at providing reassurance that an organisation’s digital security measures effectively guard against the majority of cyber-attacks.

The assessment process, conducted by the certified cyber security assessor Assure Technical Ltd, involved a meticulous evaluation of Box UK’s internet-facing devices. This encompassed authenticated vulnerability scanning of representative user endpoints, including servers exposed to the internet, as well as comprehensive assessments of external internet-facing infrastructure, user privileges, email attachments, web browser downloads, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This accreditation showcases Box UK’s steadfast dedication to safeguarding their systems and data against potential cyber threats.

"Safety, security and privacy is at the core of our operations and the achievement of this accreditation further demonstrates the importance we place on Cyber security. The initial assessment recorded zero major critical vulnerabilities discovered, which is additional testament to our established security posture, and provides further peace of mind to our clients."

Paul Evans
Chief Operations Officer, Box UK