International website powered by Amaxus®

Investec Asset Management recently refreshed the look and feel of their global websites with the introduction of a new international landing page and updated country home and content pages, all of which are powered by Box UK’s leading Web Content Management System Amaxus.

Investec Asset Management uses Geo Location Technology to determine the country a user is visiting from. If the user is from one of the countries for which Investec Asset Management has developed a country-specific website – the Americas, Australia, Botswana, Hong Kong, Namibia, South Africa, Taiwan and the United Kingdom – the visitor is automatically redirected to the correct website. When a visitor is from a location that is not supported by a country-specific Investec website, they are redirected to the Investec International landing page where they can access the globally relevant International site or select the country website that is most closely aligned with their location and specific needs.

Robust global platform for expansion

“We wanted an updated look and feel for our global sites without making changes to the underlying user journey and structure. Box UK delivered our design changes quickly and we’re delighted with our new sites and the increased digital marketing we can deliver through them. We also have a robust global platform to support the new client tools we will be launching soon across our sites” said Andrew Scott of Investec Asset Management.

“We are really pleased to continue our relationship with Investec Asset Management through our work on the international landing page and sites,” said Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director of Box UK. “Amaxus is the ideal CMS for companies working globally, in large part because of its highly usable, multi-lingual web-based interface, which makes it easy to distribute website management to multiple office locations. Its ability to integrate with back-end systems and remote services to offer advanced web applications along with its unlimited user, multiple-website license means a great return on investment for our clients.”


About Investec Asset Management

Established in 1991, the firm has been built from start-up into an international business. They have grown from domestic roots in the UK and Southern Africa to a position where they proudly serve a growing international client base from the Americas, Europe, Asia the Middle East, Australia and Africa.

About Box UK

Box UK was born out of the work of leading thinkers and doers in the industry. With offices in London and Cardiff, we are obsessed with the Internet and emerging technologies. Our passion and enthusiasm permeates everything we do, continually inspiring us to create bold, innovative solutions for our clients and partners. A market-leading platform capable of running multiple multi-lingual sites from a single platform, the Amaxus Web CMS provides clients with functionality, flexibility and scalability. With over ten years experience building large-scale websites that enable users to create sophisticated content easily, our impressive client list ranges from FTSE 100 companies to international standards bodies and leading organisations across the UK public and heritage sector.