A continuing merger of marketing and technology

“2014 is set to see the continued convergence of marketing and technology functions in progressive organisations, with speakers at the latest Gilbane conference advocating a renewed focus on the ‘Chief Marketing Technologist’ role to bridge the gap between the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer. As a result of this on-going trend we are seeing a greater requirement in the marketplace for development partners who combine technical expertise with a strategic approach to development to drive maximum returns in this evolving environment”, says Box UK Managing Director Benno Wasserstein.

Investment in the future

“At Box UK we continue to expand our team to meet these challenges and ensure we’re able to cater for the rapidly increasing demand for our services, with a number of talented developers, project managers and business development managers joining the organisation in recent months. The appointment of a highly experienced operations manager this quarter is seeing us strengthen our delivery processes, enabling us to provide ever-better service to our clients, and we continue to invest in our team of business analysts, technical architects and strategic planners to help clients unlock the power of technology to define strategic digital products and services. These kind of high-impact solutions have become essential as more and more organisations look to move away from broadly-targeted and siloed websites or applications and instead invest in a holistic approach that aligns both with other marketing activities and wider business goals.”

IT as an enabler

The idea of IT as an enabler of successful marketing strategy has gained prominence as digital technologies have become increasingly embedded into people’s daily lives. As a specialist supplier of powerful custom software solutions tailored to the individual needs and marketing strategies of their clients, Box UK is ideally placed to help organisations provide real value to users through these digital platforms, achieving a level of intelligent, timely and integrated service that delights users, differentiates the brand and effects a significant positive impact on business objectives.

A productive environment

“To accommodate our growing workforce and ambition,  we’re also making updates to our HQ; following a major extension we now have over 12,000 square foot of valuable working and meeting space, and the installation of several new rooms including a user experience testing lab, dedicated creative space and an area for focused project work is currently underway. With this diverse range of facilities, we are underlining our capacity for activity such as stakeholder workshops, discovery and collaboration sessions, and training courses; all of which are crucial to supporting the on-going delivery of smart and scalable software solutions that deliver measurable returns against critical business objectives.”

Markers of success

“A reflection of this continued investment and success can also be seen in the growth of our client list; the result of having cemented long-term global partnerships in 2013 with a number of organisations including international banks, leading retailers and world-class manufacturers. We have delivered a number of prestigious projects for these clients, extending their marketing strategies via the innovative and strategic application of technology.”

Looking forward

“At Box UK we’ve always been focused on anticipating and responding to emerging trends in order to deliver innovative products and services that help organisations better serve their users, and we continue to invest in research activity to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of our industry.”

Find out more

For more information on the ways in which Box UK can help your organisation, please get in touch with a member of our team. For interviews with Benno Wasserstein about the Box UK business, contact press@boxuk.com.