Digital transformers

“Research from Accenture has shown that more and more high-turnover organisations are embracing ‘digital transformer’ roles, overcoming their previously-held objections to innovation in the face of the benefits on offer,” says Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director at software development consultancy Box UK.

“Consequently, large enterprise companies are taking an increasingly strategic approach to their digital projects. This is driving a shift in their relationships with technology suppliers; away from the delivery of standalone tactical products and towards long-term partnerships focused on building a shared understanding of organisational goals, and the digital solutions required to achieve them.”

The findings from the Accenture report illustrate that “‘big’ is the next big thing” when it comes to digital transformation, with 61% of organisations with annual revenues of $15bn or more classed as digital transformers. High concentrations of digital transformers can also be found further down the scale, with 62% of organisations with revenues between $100m and $500m fitting the description.

A strategic approach

“Larger organisations can look to these smaller companies for indicators as to whether a market is ripe for transformation; if a number are entering a particular industry or service, this may prove a valuable area in which to increase digital investment. While many large organisations may assume that they cannot compete with the speed or agility of newer, nimbler companies, the data they have built up over time often puts established organisations at an advantage, especially when a strategic approach is taken to the management and application of this data.

“At Box UK we’re seeing a clear increase in demand for services that enable this kind of transformative, disruptive approach to digital, such as strategic consultancy and discovery activities. Our portfolio of productive long-term partnerships with clients, and expertise in uncovering business and user needs means we’re ideally placed to act as trusted technical advisors; helping organisations plan for long-term success.

Reaping the rewards

“As a result of this drive for digital transformation our client list has continued to grow, with a number of high-profile projects announced recently. This includes a partnership with international membership organisation the Royal College of Nursing, with whom we are working to deliver an all-encompassing digital redesign project. We have also continued to strengthen relationships with existing clients, helping them reap the rewards that come from achieving vital first-mover status in the digital space. TBC Bank for example is celebrating being shortlisted for “Omnichannel FS Provider of the Year” in the 2015 FStech Awards, demonstrating the financial institution’s commitment to providing the best multi-channel experience in the region.

The foundations for success

“As the Accenture report highlights, ‘digital transformers exist in every industry, geography and size’, and there is still a great deal to explore. Box UK is proud though to be at the forefront of such an exciting and powerful trend; working with progressive, innovative organisations to bring digital into the very heart of their business.”

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