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Continuous learning

For as long as we’ve existed, we’ve supported and contributed to the wider tech community and today is no different. Believing strongly in the concept of continuous learning we share our knowledge and expertise beyond the office with regular online and offline events.

On and offsite events

Join us onsite for workshops and tutorials, or offsite as we present alongside clients and partners on the issues of the day. However you connect, know that we’ll always be ready to talk!

Conferences. Meetups. Workshops. Webinars. Here's what's coming up next...

October 23rd: Introducing Usability Testing

Usability testing

Hosted on-site at our dedicated lab, this event will give you first-hand experience of the usability testing process, helping you to better understand how to validate, safeguard and improve the quality of your online products and services.

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More on usability: From Insight to Action, Development of a User-Driven Digital Platform

November 8th: Running Agile Retrospectives

In the second of our Agile series of events with master practitioner Andrew Beaney, we'll be focusing on the crucial role retrospectives play in supporting continual improvement - as well as the importance of visibility and transparency in facilitating this.

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November 22nd: From Legacy to New (the Anfield Approach)

DesignSpark project

Find out how a developer’s trip to watch their favourite football team inspired a new approach to legacy software development and allowed us to overhaul RS Components' online community platform, DesignSpark quickly and efficiently, turning a damning assessment of the existing application into a huge window of opportunity for the client.

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Past Events

Webinar | Lessons from the floor - what it means to be a first-time Product Owner, 20th September 2018 

Workshop | Introducing Agile Working, 19th September 2018

Conference | SwanseaCon, 10th September 2018

Webinar | The RCN's development of a user driven digital platform, 6th June 2018 

Event | Ignite Cardiff, 25th July 2018

Conference | Digital Festival 2018, 21st-22nd May 2018

Webinar | Taking BMJ's Best Practice App from 2-stars to 5-stars, 10th May 2018

Workshop | Discovery: the inside track, 3rd May 2018

Webinar | An SME's journey in migrating to the cloud, 18th April 2018

Event | The performance, usability and accessibility of digital services (with RCN & BMJ), 6th April 2018

Meetup | Unified.diff, 22nd February 2018

Workshop | Introducing Usability Testing, 25th January 2018

Webinar | More than a number: making software estimates count, 18th January 2018

Event | Delivering the future - how to enhance and develop your legacy tech (with RS Components), 2nd November 2017

Webinar | Keeping the lights on: how RS Components tackled the challenges of legacy software, 6th September 2017

Webinar | Are you ready for change? Six steps to prepare for success in any change programme, 24th August 2017

Webinar | From insight to action: how understanding your customers drives results, 20th July 2017

Event | Responding to change through digital (with Hodge Bank), 13th July 2017

Webinar | Demystifying your digital transformation, 24th May 2017

Conference | MemCom 2017, 17th May 2017

Webinar | Embedding an Agile culture, 11th May 2017

Webinar | Making Agile serious fun, 6th December 2016

Webinar | Designing for desire, the psychology of influence, 2nd June 2016

Conference | MemCom 2016, 19th May 2016


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