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Introducing Usability Testing...

Tuesday 23rd October, 5:00-7:30pm

If you’re looking to learn more about how usability testing can help validate, safeguard and improve the quality of your digital products and services, our upcoming event is for you. We’re opening the doors to our dedicated testing suite, providing attendees with first-hand insight into the process, its outputs, and the wide range of benefits on offer. 

Our specialist user experience consultants will guide you through a real-world testing scenario, giving you the opportunity to observe exactly how these sessions are run - as well as perform testing activities on representative websites just as an actual participant would! 

There will also be the chance to explore particular testing approaches and activities in more detail, have your usability testing questions answered, and get advice on making testing work for your specific situation, strategy and objectives.

Need to know

  • Date: Tuesday 23rd October
  • Time: 5pm-7:30pm
  • Venue: Box UK, Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DD
  • Cost: Free! With welcome drinks and nibbles included


  • Arrivals and welcome drink (5:00-5:30)
  • Live testing experience
  • Q&A
  • Close and networking (7:00-7:30)

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