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As social media networks become increasingly important for businesses, the ways in which they are being used are growing ever more sophisticated. One-way communications, where a single message is sent to a mass audience with no forum for response, are being replaced by conversations which encourage interaction and dialogue.

At Box UK we’re all about sharing knowledge, from the internal tech meetings we hold and open source code libraries we share to the white papers we regularly publish. To build upon this activity and make use of the social channels available to us, we’ve also started to host online discussions, known as #boxchats, on Twitter.

What is #boxchat?

Put simply, #boxchat is a live Twitter event structured around a series of questions on a digital- or technology-focused topic. We use the questions to guide the discussion, with industry experts from Box UK on hand to offer their opinions, advice and tips, but the direction of the debate is driven by the contributors; anyone is welcome to add their thoughts to the thread, simply by using the hashtag #boxchat.

All about Agile

Our most recent Twitter chat looked at the Agile approach to web development. We’re big advocates of the Agile approach (see our white paper to find out more), and Box UK’s Production Manager Stuart Arthur and Project Manager James Harvey were joined by Scrum coach Paul Goddard to discuss the key features and benefits of the methodology.

With questions on a range of issues from the role of the Scrum Master and favoured techniques, to implementing and measuring the success of the methodology, the debate also extended beyond Agile software development to encompass Agile testing, stakeholder buy-in and even Agile marketing.

People from across a wide range of industries, disciplines and roles got involved in the online discussion, using the hashtag to find spin-off conversations, and add their own unique perspectives to the questions being asked, both by us and by other contributors. The section below shows just a small snippet of the (many!) conversations that took place:

Agile #boxchat - Transitioning to Agile

Agile #boxchat - How to build momentum

Agile #boxchat - The Role of the ScrumMaster

Read the full transcript of the discussion

Find out more

We’ll be posting details about our next Twitter chat closer to the date via @boxuk, using the hashtag #boxchat. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive monthly newsletters which include invites to #boxchat along with a wealth of supporting materials such as white papers, blog posts and more.

In the meantime, why not read our Storify transcripts of previous sessions, or find out more about how businesses can effectively use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more effectively by reading our social media blog posts.

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Emma Willis

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During her time at Box UK, Marketing Executive Emma Willis has supported the planning and execution of a diverse range of cross-channel campaigns. Writing compelling, informative copy designed to maximise engagement, Emma has developed an impressive portfolio of content covering a wide variety of digital marketing and technology-focused topics.

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