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Horizontal Scrolling Lists in Mobile - Best Practices

"Many Android and iOS apps have horizontal scrolling lists. Maybe it’s also combined inside a vertical list. But is it necessary? Even assuming it is, are you doing it right?"

How to use imagery more effectively in app design

Select the perfect visual assets for more engaging, user-friendly apps.

How To Design Emotional Interfaces For Boring Apps

"Not all products are inherently fun the way games, or social media apps are, but even utilities don’t have to be merely utilitarian."

Start your designs with a concept

How to stop designing on autopilot.

Designing For Accessibility And Inclusion

"To design for accessibility means to be inclusive to the needs of your users."

Website Personalization Planning

Users’ expectations are high, and attention spans are short.

Finding UX Research Participants

For UX designers and design teams, research with stakeholders and users is critical. However, accessing research participants isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Tools that have interested us

Introducing Framer Form

Integrate 3D-graphics with your Framer prototype.

Podcasts we've listened to

The Humans Strike Back

Learn the stories of other humans who are making a difference and thriving by putting their users, customers, colleagues (and even themselves) first - so you can learn from them, take action and grow.

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