Things we've been reading

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

One for data geeks...

Innovation in Payments: The Future is Fintech

This paper examines fintech's growing capabilities and explains why bank-fintech partnerships hold the key.

Adobe unveils Sketch-rival Project Comet for UX design

Combining wireframing and interface design tools, Adobe's new UX design application Project Comet is coming in 2016.

It’s time for data-driven banking interfaces

Combining data visualisation and user experience design.

Adobe's comet software - 2016

Video about Adobe's new UX design application Project Comet, coming in 2016.

Facebook's 'dislike' button is here - and it's a load of emoji

Facebook has launched its long-awaited 'dislike' button in the form of a series of emoji...

What can Gordon Ramsay teach us about user experience design?

Gordon would probably be surprised to see that his methodology, from problem-solving to aesthetics, is very applicable in other arenas - in particular, user experience design.

Google AMP wants to fix the 'slow and clunky' mobile web

The company has announced a new project to simplify mobile pages and make it easier for publishers to create content for phones and tablets.


Analysing spending, daily saving recommendations.


Loot targets students by tracking their money, providing analysis and recommendations.


Eat dinner in a stranger's apartment with seven people you've never met before using meal-sharing website EatWith...

Is Your New Website Layout Killing Your Engagement?

Great read on layouts.

Responsive Upscaling: Large-Screen E-Commerce Design

Ideas for optimising e-commerce websites for larger monitors

Tools that have interested us


The fastest way to design beautiful interactions.


For presentations.


Code free responsive websites.

Podcasts we have listened to

Architecting the information age with Lisa Welchman

Taking a holistic view and having the confidence to stand up for what we know we should be doing digitally.

Erika Hall – Cultivating Shared Understanding from Collaborative User Research

Erika Hall, of Mule Design, has taken a more effective approach she calls team-based research. She says her goal is to shift the focus away from a more academic way of thinking.

Videos we've been watching

2020 NASA's New Breed of Technology Mind Blow Documentary HD

BBC Documentary 2015.

Next Future Terrifying & Wearable Technology Will Blow Your Mind 2015


Wearable Technology Fashion Show - Life & Tech

The latest and greatest in wearable and fashion technology - from fitness trackers and smart jewellery to baby and pet tech.

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