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3 golden rules for every aspiring designer

Or for everyone in design.

I Used The Web For A Day With Just A Keyboard

Many of us are taught to make sure our sites can be used via keyboard. Why is that, and what is it like in practice? Chris Ashton did an experiment to find out.

Getting un-Hooked from technology

Using tech to fight tech.

How To Turn Your Users Into Advocates

To succeed in the modern market, companies need to do more than produce an excellent product or provide reliable service: they need to turn their faithful users into advocates.

Fostering focus for small screens: How we redesigned Dropbox mobile for rapid work

"You’re no longer designing to extend engagement or keep customers in the app. Rather, you’re helping people get in and out and done."

Better Usability Testing on Landing Pages and Lead Forms

Usability research on single-intent website pages can feel daunting. How do we measure success with test users? How do we know we’re testing the right element? Where do we find users to test?

CX strategy is about saying “no”

It is important to know what kind of Customer Experience you would like to build for your customers. But it is even more important to know what you are not going to do for them.

Tools that have interested us


Capture your screen without all that mess on your desktop.

About the author

Becca Babajee-Pycroft

Becca Babajee-Pycroft

Becca is an experienced Senior UX consultant with over 6 years working in UX, digital marketing and web content management. Specialising in user research, information architecture and interaction design she works to design solutions that balance user and business needs. Becca has worked with National Trust, Innovate UK and an Array of local authority clients. At Box UK Becca has worked with Sophos, NHS, National Assembly for Wales and RS Components.

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