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Exploring ways to export clean .svg icons with Sketch…the correct way

"Sketch makes my life easier in many ways, but exporting .svg files is a disaster. A bug that needs some fixin’."

Why UX Designers Need to Think like Architects

A look at the parallels between architects and user experience designers, and how the latter group can benefit from the work of the former.

Personalization in UX Design: 5 Examples from Leading Apps

The sky’s the limit for what you can dream up, but here are some examples from apps to get you started.

Create a grid that adapts to all screens

Develop grid systems that scale naturally across different devices and resolutions.

Ultimate Resource List for Mobile UX Design

Brilliant list.

Confessions of a remote testing convert

Interesting article and comments.

What You Can Learn from Popular Eye Tracking Studies

Insightful read.

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

What we actually know from scientific studies about how humans perceive graphics.

The UX of Pokemon Go

Great read on on-boarding, gameplay and UX strategy.

Misused mobile UX patterns

"Being inspired by others is not stealing in UI design. It’s best practice research."

Tools that have interested us


A collaborative tool for keeping it all together.

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Paul Rouke's Talk from Conversion World 2016

The biggest growth barriers holding organisations back from optimisation.

Podcasts we've been listening to

Luke Wroblewski – Mobile Behavior and Design Trends

Facts, tips,and case studies to help you talk confidently with your team about designing intuitive, cross-device experiences.

About the author

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris is an experienced Principal User Experience Consultant specialising in user testing, Information Architecture, HTML prototyping and web accessibility. Over the years he has worked with the likes of the Virgin Group, Land Rover, Kia, Orange and Unilever, and many other enterprise organisations.

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