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Muted Colours

In this age of flat, minimalist design, how do we make interface elements stand out to the user?

How to Create an Effective Customer Experience Survey

Surveys are a great way to reach a lot of users effectively and relatively cheaply. Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka walks us through creating such a survey.

The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You

Servers often crunch data in the blink of an eye, but returning the result too quickly can have a negative effect on perceived value or accuracy. Time to slow things down...

Designing a Flexible Organism for the Hotel Search Website

“A case study about redesigning the item element of the hotel search result list on trivago’s website.”

The New Rules of Form Design

We’re always looking at new ways to improve forms and reduce user frustration. Mike Madaio looks at the current design techniques for improving online forms.

Designing 3D user interfaces

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are tipped as being the next big things. Nearly all the major tech firms are investing heavily in this field and a number of devices have already reached the hands of consumers (albeit, those with a lot of disposable income). The question we’re asking is “what does that mean for UX and UI design?”. Here are a selection of videos and articles we’ve been looking at on that very subject.

Yes, Designers Need to Care about AR/VR

3 Steps Towards Designing for AR/VR

UI/UX design patterns in virtual reality

How We Did It: Prototyping in Virtual Reality

UX in video games

Video games are more popular now than they’ve ever been. How does UX and UI design factor into the industry?

Destiny's Tenacious Design and Interface

Bungie's David Candland talks at the Game Developer’s Conference about the processes used and the challenges faced in designing the user interface for Destiny.

Podcast: Using Psychology to Craft User Experiences

Jamie Madigan from The Psychology of Video Games ( talks to Celia Hodent, the Director of User Experience at Epic Games about the UX techniques used in the design of video games.

Games User Research: What’s Different?

Jakob Nielsen takes a look at the similarities and differences between Games User Experience (GUX) and mainstream UX.

About the author

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

With 10 years’ experience as a front-end developer for Box UK, Dylan brings this extensive technical knowledge to the UX team. Having a hand in nearly every site that Box UK has ever built, he applies his experience to produce rapid, cost-effective user-interface designs and prototypes. His interests and expertise lie in HTML5 and CSS3, responsive websites, user-centred interfaces, and the psychological aspects of web design.

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