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Icon Animations Powered by mo.js

Various icon animations made with mo.js, a powerful motion graphics library by Oleg Solomka. Inspiration comes from the Dribbble-shot "Like Animation" by Daryl Ginn.

Twitter’s problem isn’t the timeline, it’s that signing up still sucks

It’s almost impossible to find anyone interesting on the service because it doesn’t push you in any meaningful direction...

UX in Email Design

So why aren’t you giving any thought to the UX of the emails you’re sending about your product?

Spreadsheets Can Be Pretty, Too

If we’re being honest, spreadsheets sometimes leave much to desire in terms of design. That doesn’t have to be the case, though!

Justinmind integrates with Validately for new and improved user testing


Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

Humanity has been boiled down to six emotions. After tests in a few countries, Facebook is rolling out its augmented Like button “Reactions” to all users.

The Retro Freewrite May Just Be the Ultimate Word Processor

"Once people experience using a dedicated writing tool like the Freewrite, the value will become clear."

Play nice! How the internet is trying to design out toxic behaviour

Can giants such as Facebook use behavioural psychology and persuasive design to tame the trolls?

How to confuse a Facebook user

Sometimes your worst fears are given a real form - when you see the responses to what is a browser, for example...

'Firewatch' might be 2015's most beautiful game

The result: less a game, more a playable, explorable Moss artwork.

Tools that have interested us


Very interesting keyboard app.


An interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Videos we've been watching

It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

This video is about doors. Joe Posner investigates, with some help from 99% invisible, a wonderful podcast.

Anatomy and Technology

Krishnakant Mane speaks about the third brain, that is technology, that we adopt within us. He speaks about how technology make life easier for differently-abled persons.

Podcasts we've been listening to

#120 Product management & UX with Melissa Perri

We learn more about the overlap between the two disciplines and discuss some of the issues surrounding their convergence.

#119 Articulating design decisions with Tom Greever

How do we talk about our designs effectively with stakeholders?

About the author

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris is an experienced Principal User Experience Consultant specialising in user testing, Information Architecture, HTML prototyping and web accessibility. Over the years he has worked with the likes of the Virgin Group, Land Rover, Kia, Orange and Unilever, and many other enterprise organisations.

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