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Redefining Hick’s Law

Why this design principle is undervalued.

Designing an in-app survey

How to capture a user’s emotion (concept study).

10 Type Rules for an Excellent User Experience

10 'rules' you can follow to help create an awesome typographic user experience.

Resurrecting Dead Personas

"You need to turn user facts into user wisdom."

The Impact of Interaction Design on Brand Perception

Your interaction design decisions have measurable effects on your users’ emotions and how they perceive your brand.

Pokémon Go, Amazon Dash, and the Future of User Interaction

"Sustainable success requires the right touch; sustainable digital success requires the right touchpoints."

The Four Dimensions of Tone of Voice

The tone of any piece of content can be analyzed along four dimensions: humor, formality, respectfulness, and enthusiasm.

The power of workshops in the UX process

The advantages of involving cross-functional team members in the UX process.

Mobile DropDowns Revisited

Avoiding dropdowns improves execution times by 40%.

Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort

Several alternatives to dropdowns to consider in your designs, and why.

Tools that have interested us


Antetype is the first design and layout software focused on visual design, built by UI designers for UI designers.

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Microsoft's Vision For The World Of Technology In 2020

Microsoft has several bold predictions about technology in their vision for 2020.

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UX Patterns To Improve Mobile E-Commerce

Pek Pongpaet talks about his journey from UX freelancer to the founder of Impekable, dark UX patterns, mobile e-commerce, and Pokémon GO.

About the author

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris is an experienced Principal User Experience Consultant specialising in user testing, Information Architecture, HTML prototyping and web accessibility. Over the years he has worked with the likes of the Virgin Group, Land Rover, Kia, Orange and Unilever, and many other enterprise organisations.

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