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Object-Oriented UX

OOUX is not a new end-to-end process; it’s a new ingredient to add to your current process.


Beta-test the bank of the future.

Knowing what you're not: defining your design principles

Successful products and services are those with a definite point of view, those that avoid an identity crisis by knowing exactly what they're not.

Subscription accessibility

Really insightful article by Alastair Campbell on 'subscription accessibility' with some product options.

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?

Why many common tutorial patterns are ineffective and how you can leverage game design principles to increase user engagement.

Death to the Hamburger. Or, how obvious always wins.

Really interesting article about an agency's research into the hamburger and the changes they made to boost analytics and customer feedback.

7 missed customisation actions in Google Analytics set-up that you can fix now

Always good to top up your understanding of GA.

Uber's most significant innovation is not its taxi hailing app

Gathering stakeholder requirements should be a key consideration, not just user requirements...

Why Financial Services Organisations Fear Mobile

In the UK, challenger banks like Starling, Aldermore and Virgin Money are slowly taking market share from larger lending institutions and reporting 3-4 times the amount of profitability.

What millennials don’t know about bank branches

The banking industry as a whole isn’t doing a real great job communicating with millennials...

How to make your customers happy

To perfectly understand your customers you have to do three things...

Podcasts we've been listening to 

#112 Brain food with Steve Portigal, Pete Trainor & Anjan Chatterjee

Featuring interviews from Interact London 2015, with a bit of a brain-related theme to it.

Eye tracking for UX: an interview with Aga Bojko

Aga Bojko talks to Gerry Gaffney about the magic of eye tracking for UX research.

Videos we've been watching

Tech Trends: How Technology Can Aid Tourism

Interview with Google's Head of Comms Africa and Middle East, Paul Soloman.

Sony's New Audio Technology with Ford

Why Sony developed some cool new audio technology with Ford.

Tools we have reviewed

A/B Split Test Significance Calculator

Are your results significant?

About the author

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris is an experienced Principal User Experience Consultant specialising in user testing, Information Architecture, HTML prototyping and web accessibility. Over the years he has worked with the likes of the Virgin Group, Land Rover, Kia, Orange and Unilever, and many other enterprise organisations.

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