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Resisting the Lure of Dark Magic in User-Interface Design

The appeal of magic is power - the ability to do something others can’t or to do it more easily.

Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design

The core user experience is not a set of features; in fact, it is the job users hire the product for.

UX Design Versus UI Development


Color Theory for Digital Displays: A Quick Reference: Part I

An RGB monitor synthesizes colours additively by selectively illuminating each of its pixel’s red, green, and blue phosphor dots at varying levels of intensity.

The Rise of Social Media in eCommerce [Infographic]

Digital platforms have totally transformed the shopping process - from discovery to conversion, each stage can now be facilitated from your phone, via a wide range of apps and tools.

5 Must-Have Elements for Any E-Commerce Website

Business strategists, marketers, and designers try to create a perfect place for their audience to shop.

Instagram Adds Automatic Image Descriptions to Assist Visually Impaired Users

Automatic alternative text provides descriptions of objects in photos via screen readers.

User Research. Empathy Is the Best UX Policy.

Designers should be deeply aware: they work primarily not for self-expression, nor for showing their creativity to the world.

6 Tips to Keep in Mind for Iterative Usability Testing

"For iterative usability testing, UX researchers bring three or four research participants into a testing lab, each of whom takes part in a 30 to 60-minute research session."

Small Ships: iOS UX Updates and New Context Menu

This first update improves the experience of taking multiple photos of screens for your prototype.

Tools that have interested us


Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps.

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10 UX Challenges for the Next 25 Years (Jakob Nielsen Keynote)

Jakob Nielsen presents his UX directions for the future: how UX roles will evolve, and how UX involvement can solve major challenges for the world.

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#198 Connected content with Carrie Hane

Carrie talks about how to stop filling boxes. to make use of content spec sheets and how content first fits in well with future conversational interfaces.

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Gemma Helyer

Gemma Helyer

Gemma has worked as a web/user interface designer for four years since graduating from the University of Glamorgan, during which time she has been involved with a diverse range of web-based projects across both in-house and agency environments. At Box UK Gemma collaborates closely with the UX team to produce high-quality, usable solutions for international clients such as Investec Asset Management.

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