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How to use Google Analytics API without any coding

Does what it says on the tin.

Dear web designer, let's stop breaking the affordance of scrolling

Good and bad ways to indicate scrolling with the fold.

7 Apps That Excel at User Onboarding — And What We Can Learn From Them

Prototyping your user onboarding experience.

Why customer experience is the new disruption

People aren’t looking for individual items anymore, they want to have a full-service experience...

How digital lending marketplaces are disrupting the predominant banking model

The mechanics of P2P lending platforms and how they are using online marketplaces.

Mobile Design Details: Avoid The Spinner

While the intentions behind these progress indicators are good, the end result can actually turn out to be bad.

Smartphones to die out 'within five years', says new study

According to a new study of 100,000 consumers, mobile technology is expected to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

How to develop visual content that works

Tips and examples.

Banking Lacks Consistent Digital Account Opening Experience

Celent evaluates the account opening process from the consumer’s perspective by attempting to open a bank account online at 26 institutions.

Chinese researchers are experimenting with a mind-controlled car

Chinese researchers are taking another approach to the future of hands-free driving.

Goal Challenges and Tool Challenges

By studying how the best game designers have made trade-offs, we can learn how to improve the productivity tools we’re designing.

Tools that have interested us


A collaborative interface design tool.

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Second Life Documentary: Media Psychology & The User Experience

The blurring of boundaries between virtual and face-to-face user experiences.

Defuse 2015 | Laurence Veale - The User Experience of Money

Lar will take us through the iterative design of money from cows to coins and beyond.

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Reasonable doubt – Juries, the law and plain language

An interview with Prof James Ogloff.

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Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris is an experienced Principal User Experience Consultant specialising in user testing, Information Architecture, HTML prototyping and web accessibility. Over the years he has worked with the likes of the Virgin Group, Land Rover, Kia, Orange and Unilever, and many other enterprise organisations.

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