Digital Transformation Toolkit
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Digital Transformation Toolkit.

Whatever your industry and whatever your role, that you’re on this site tells us it's likely that you're shortly to be involved in the scoping, procurement or delivery of a major programme of digital activity. 

And we know this is a landscape that can be complex no matter what your level of experience, which is why, regardless of whether this initiative is your first or 51st, we’re here to help. With a whole series of resources for the lifespan of your digital journey, ensuring that, no matter what your next step might be, there’ll be something here to help guide you on your way.

Your digital journey

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Stages 1-4: getting started.

At this point you know that a need or opportunity exists within your organisation - but we know that jumping into a build feet first is a sure path to failure.

So take the time at this stage to clearly define your procurement process; to invest in requirements gathering activity; and to choose the right supplier for your needs. Because with all of this in place you’ll be starting strong - and helping safeguard success at every stage through to launch and beyond.

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Stages 5-7: defining the solution.

With a supplier in place, and an emerging understanding of the direction your digital strategy is going to take, it’s time to start fleshing out and finalising concepts for the solutions that will help you get there.

Any requirements you’ve gathered will need to be augmented with in-depth research and analysis, both of which will inform the creation of tangible deliverables and technical specifications - to provide a single, shared reference point going forward.

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Stages 8-10: putting it all together.

This is when your solutions really start to come to life - becoming more and more refined with each cycle of software delivery, testing, feedback and iteration.

Depending on your strategy you may have lots of small launches during this time, or maybe only one at the end. Either way you'll want to be checking in regularly in this phase, to confirm the work meets your requirements and expectations. And then preparing for your go-live, to ensure a smooth, stable and successful release.

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Stages 11-12: reviewing and refining.

As your strategy is rolled out and news of the launch is communicated, you might feel the work's complete - but in truth it's really only just getting started.

A programme of continuous improvement is vital to ensure you remain up-to-date - with the latest trends, designs and patterns of behaviour. So it's time to look at test and refinement activity, so that you're confident of responding to real-world needs - and that you can clearly measure the impact of the updates you make too.  

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