Project initiation

1. Planning

You’ve identified a problem that needs to be resolved within your organisation, or an opportunity ripe for the taking. But before work gets underway you need to make some crucial early decisions with regards budget, technology, project management approach and more - as well as securing the all-important sign-off you need to press ahead.

These four resources are crucial for you now, helping pave the way to future success:

2. Procurement

With your need identified, it's time to go out to market - to research, longlist and then shortlist your preferred suppliers or technology partners. 

Procurement can initially seem like a minefield but the following articles will help you find your way:

3. Discovery/Requirements Gathering

Essential to the success of any digital strategy, this is the time where you'll start work more closely with your shortlisted suppliers to clarify the nitty-gritty of what exactly is required - building an understanding of the 'as is' and 'to be' situations to make sure that the solutions proposed are relevant to your specific context, needs and ambition.

Take a look at this content for support:

4. Supplier Selection

Following completion of the initial requirements gathering activities you'll receive your proposals, leaving you to compare solutions, approaches and cultural fit in order to select the team or teams that will undertake the delivery of your digital strategy. 

Making this decision can prove challenging, but the below should help:

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