“Defining an appropriate budget is a difficult balancing act.”

Digital transformation. It’s a concept that’s currently dominating conversation, as organisations of all shapes and sizes look to industry innovation and disruption as a means of achieving the vital competitive edge that will allow them to thrive in an increasingly fast-paced landscape.

But while digital transformation certainly offers great opportunities, it also brings with it considerable challenges – including when it comes to budgeting. Thankfully though, our report will guide you through this often complex process, to help you define a digital transformation budget that’s perfectly aligned with your organisational requirements and strategic goals.

Avoiding common budget traps

Keep an eye out for any of the following issues when budgeting for digital transformation, as they could indicate trouble further down the line:

  • Departmental siloes
  • Unclear scope
  • No shared vision
  • Mismatched delivery and budgeting approaches
  • Inability to respond change

And for added confidence that your budgets will deliver the transformation and outcomes you’re after, watch our webinar “More than a number: making software estimates count”, where we look at what makes and effective estimate and techniques to deliver these.

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