New white paper

I’ve run dozens of usability testing projects during my time as a User Experience consultant, including remote, laboratory and guerrilla, and across a variety of platforms and contexts. I’ve recently distilled the knowledge I’ve developed over the years into a white paper, “Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes”, to help others improve their own testing practices and highlight some of the considerations often overlooked during the process.

Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes

To give you a taster of what to expect in the white paper, here’s a short extract:“Providing powerful insight into what is and isn’t working for your users, usability testing is right at the heart of User Experience (UX) Design. Executed well, it can require relatively little outlay and deliver great return on investment. Executed badly costs can spiral with no conclusive results. So, what common mistakes should you avoid?

1)      Recruiting unsuitable participants

Your setup is perfect, the test plan is well written and the client is happily drinking a cup of hot tea in the observation room. What could go wrong?Well, perhaps most significantly, the quality of your results. It’s important that the right people are chosen for testing. You achieve this by conducting pre-testing research about the users of the site or app to be reviewed, from surveys and statistical analysis to call centre ethnography and user stories. All of these will help you identify the right demographics and write a better test plan…”

To continue reading, download a copy of the white paper, where you’ll learn the mistakes made most often during testing, so you can avoid them in your own projects. There’s also best practice advice on optimising your testing processes, gathered from my own experience and leading industry research. And all this for free!