“Taking the time to understand your users and the subtle psychological triggers that affect their behaviour can help deliver really competitive and engaging experiences.”

If you want to create a closer, more financially-rewarding affinity with your users, then the old adage ‘knowledge is power’ remains true. You need to know your users. Plug into their psyche. Understand their behaviour and online decision-making. Our report shows you how.

Combining the science of psychology with many years experience in usability research, Box UK’s Head of User Experience (UX) Tom Evans explains how behavioural trends affect the way we all interact with digital products. And he clearly points the way forward, showing you how to apply these findings to develop a more compelling and powerful digital experience.

Topics covered include:

  • How users consume your content
  • Why you should be providing social validation
  • The problem with too much choice
  • Ways to approach effective user research

And if you want to learn more about gaining and applying user insight to drive better results from your digital solutions, watch our UX webinar, packed full of practical tips and best practice advice.

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