“It is 100 times as expensive to fix a problem after development than before.”

What happens if you find issues with your digital product before it goes live?

Usually, the worst case scenario is that it may have to go back to the development team to get fixed. If problems aren’t uncovered until after launch, on the other hand? This could lead to costly downtime, lost conversions and a poor user experience.

When looked at this way, the importance of first-class User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is clear. And with guidance from skilled quality assurance specialists, alongside best practice tips you can put into practice today, our guide helps ensure your strategy’s up to scratch.

Topics covered

Download your copy, and you’ll soon be conducting UAT like a pro. We’ll show you how to:

  • Define your organisation’s approach to UAT
  • Set up an appropriate testing environment
  • Implement a formal test plan
  • Report issues correctly

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