Things we’ve been reading

Why you should hire digital nomads

"The main question founders have to ask themselves when they are hiring a new person is – can this person deliver results? After all, does it really matter how much time one spends working or whether they work from an office as long as they deliver?"

Stephen Hawking’s speech software is now open source

Now you too can sound like Stephen Hawking.

Legacy Code is Fear

"Legacy code is fear because we fear the unknown. Learn what you need to learn in order to be less scared about legacy code during this talk."

Let’s end Imposter Syndrome

"Imposter Syndrome occurs when a single software developer believes, with justification or not, that their knowledge is inferior to the knowledge of their peers."

The end of the Internet Dream

Have we taken the internet in the wrong direction? Worse, have we allowed it to go in the wrong direction and not done anything about it?

Illustrated Agile

"It started with some sketches I drew to explain our approach to business agility, the Scrum Master role, and an approach to developing an Agile Framework. It has since evolved…”

ScrumButs and modifying Scrum

ScrumButs mean that Scrum has exposed a dysfunction that is contributing to the problem, but is too hard to fix. "We use Scrum, but…"

Extremely Defensive PHPDefensive coding in PHP

Assume nothing, test everything.

Object Calisthenics

Object calisthenics are programming exercises as a set of nine rules to help you write better code

Tools that have interested us


Web diagnostics for Sitecore.

DI library for python

"Pythonic" DI framework.

Edge VM for Windows 10

Microsoft has now put up the edge vm for win 10.

Official Themes from Bootstrap’s creators

Official Bootstrap themes released.


PHP7 RC1 is out.

PHPCS Object Calisthenics Rules

A PHP Code Sniffer standard to verify Object Calisthenics rules.

Videos we’ve been watching

TDD and related activities

These are an excellent pair of talks on TDD and related activities from Gary Bernhardt.

The state of Computer Security

Splendidly entertaining security talk from a Microsoft staffer.

Extremely Defensive PHP

Defensive coding in PHP. Assume nothing, test everything.

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