What We've Been Reading

Resolve Simple Merge Conflicts on GitHub

You can now resolve common merge conflicts within GitHub itself.

What’s New and Exciting in PHP 7.1?

A rundown of nice new features in PHP 7.1.

PHP 7 String Optimisation

If you're using PHP 7,

"hello $x"

 is faster than 

"hello " . $x

How to Discover Your Company’s DNA

Working out what makes your organisation unique.

NIST Digital Authentication Guideline

NIST's new password guidelines no longer require character types or periodic rotation.

The Big Hex Machine

Massive 16-bit computer for learning how computers work.

JavaScript 30

Level-up your JavaScript-fu with this coding challenge - no frameworks or libraries, just vanilla JS.

Why I Picked Node.js For My Startup

Interesting post about choosing Node.js over other options for a startup - I particularly liked "It's not cool anymore"!

Donald Trump meets with tech leaders

The President-Elect meets a broad range of Silicon Valley's bigwigs...

Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick are joining Donald Trump’s strategic and policy forum

... and then adds Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX) and Travis Kalanick (Uber) to his strategic advisory panel.

Profit Sharing Boosts Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

How profit sharing actually affects employee well-being.

Repositories Are Just Collections

Small but useful reminder that Symfony repositories are just collections, and can be treated as such.

Turning $140k From Kickstarter Into $40k Of Debt

Lessons learned in running a business built on Kickstarter.

What We've Been Watching

Finding Happiness in Functional Programming

Really interesting talk on how Kickstarter use Playground Driven Development to test their mobile apps.

Tools That Interest Us


Nice looking PHP LINQ clone.


A Git query language.

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Steve Anderson

Steve has been programming computers since the mid-1980s and has spent the last four years principally in web development. Outside of Box UK Steve is also a hardware hacker, and has accidentally become a consultant for "Internet of Things" research and development as a result of his interest in this field.

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