What We've Been Reading

Immutable.js for Humans

The documentation for Immutable.js could be improved, so someone has done just that.

5 Common Web App Server Setups

Nice overview of some common server setups, for different purposes.

Am I Unique?

Don't worry about cookie tracking - you can probably be identified anyway.

When To Use Mocks

Guidance from Vladimir Khorikov on when to use mocks, following posts discouraging them.

AWS Organizations

AWS launches AWS Organisations, which allows multiple AWS accounts to be managed from a single space.

Why the MacBook Pro is Limited to 16GB of RAM

Satisfyingly nerdy article about the reason for the RAM ceiling on the new Macbook Pro.

What We've Been Watching

Saving NTP Before It's Too Late

Interview with Susan Sons, who took it upon herself to maintain NTP when she found out the perilous state of the project.

Tools That Interest Us


Another alternative Node.js package manager, focused on speed.

Fantasque Sans Mono

Really nice monospace developers' font with heaps of personality.


Another social media platform, but open source and decentralised, which is what makes it interesting.

About the author

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve has been programming computers since the mid-1980s and has spent the last four years principally in web development. Outside of Box UK Steve is also a hardware hacker, and has accidentally become a consultant for "Internet of Things" research and development as a result of his interest in this field.

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