What we've been reading

How We Release So Frequently

Some good insight on how Sky Bet make use of feature toggles among lots of other useful information.

Record Audio and Video with MediaRecorder

Record media with the MediaRecorder API in latest Chrome and Firefox (under consideration for Edge, don't hold your breath for Safari).

Approaches to Testing: A Survey

Nice overview of various ways to test. Includes comparisons of Classical and Mockist among others.

Node.js in Flames

Analysing performance problems in Node.

PSR-7 and Middleware

Pretty good slidedeck on PSR-7 and Middleware in PHP.

The UK's first Tesla Powerwall has been installed in Wales

"An unassuming red-brick house in Wales has become the home of the UK's first Tesla Powerwall."

The Simple Plan to Read More

If you struggle to get through the many books on your list of things to read, both technical and non-technical, then Shane Parrish suggests a solution.

Why Quantity Should Be Your Priority

Our head of development encourages practising what we do through code katas and the like. This article supports this by suggesting Quantity should be the priority if you want to create Quality.

Why We Have No Office

Buffer have closed their office and gone fully distributed.

Exploring the Angular 1.5 .component() method

Simplifying directive definitions in Angular using .component() and paving the way for migration to Angular 2.

Introducing the Open Banking Standard

Taking banking into the 21st century.

Planning for Closure

"When starting work on a new website few of us think about how long the site should last for. I know I don’t. But I think we should."

Headless JavaScript Testing with Electron

An interesting alternative to PhantomJS.

Google Device Metrics

Lots of useful information about device resolutions, screen sizes etc.

Tools that have interested us


Amazon announces new game engine and supporting services.


Fancy git diff formatter.

Nodal 0.7

Another update to Nodal - GraphQL introduced, beefed up data manipulation.


An open-source, real-time messaging framework written in Node that's scalable, fault-tolerant and handles message delivery confirmation.

Ionic 2

New version of the framework announced, with Angular 2, ES2015, and much more.

OctoberCMS Builder

OctoberCMS shows off its tool for data scaffolding.

CSS Stats

Useful site that analyses your stylesheets.


Parker gives you statistics about your CSS in a command line tool. Useful for keeping tabs on the quality of stylesheets.

Videos we've been watching

Roundtable: An ORM Discussion

Good episode of PHP Roundtable discussing ORMs.

Move Slow and Fix Things

Over the 8 years of its life, Dropbox's CSS codebase has grown to a considerable scale. Dan Eden talks about how their CSS has grown, the pains of inheriting a large CSS codebase, and some of the approaches for refactoring and scaling CSS at scale.

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve has been programming computers since the mid-1980s and has spent the last four years principally in web development. Outside of Box UK Steve is also a hardware hacker, and has accidentally become a consultant for "Internet of Things" research and development as a result of his interest in this field.

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