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Building BBC Sounds, continued...

Following on from the “How we build BBC Sounds on the web” link shared in the last round-up, here are some more articles from the series, providing an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the app’s development:

Building BBC Sounds in the API


Building the BBC Sounds mobile app


Learn RxJS

Good resource on learning RxJS. RxJS in a nutshell is like setting up a giant marble run in anticipation of putting a marble on it. Stuff gets watched but it doesn't mean it'll happen right away.

How we manage mental health

Thought this was a good article from Monzo about how they're trying to support people.

Forget the walking skeleton - put it on crutches

Interesting post about walking skeletons; biggest challenge with this is the communication with the client so they don't think “oh it's done now, right?”.

Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps

Potential future game changer as Google Play start listing PWAs on the play store.


WTF is the JAM stack?

Tools that have interested us

Homebrew 2.0.0

Homebrew announces a new version, with Linux and Windows support.

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