What We've Been Reading

Long Names Are Long

Advice on naming identifiers.

Backblaze Vaults: Zettabyte-Scale Cloud Storage Architecture

Interesting look at how BackBlaze scaled to Zettabyte size, at extremely low cost.

New Ransomware Strain Coded Entirely In Javascript - BBC News

Malware that can slip under the radar.

What I Learned From Analysing 1.65M Node.js modules

Analysis of all 1.65M NPM packages, including some insight into how NPM does its thing (and why NPM lifecycle scripts should scare you).

Apple Reveals Unencrypted Heart of iOS 10 Code

Apple opens the kernel in the preview version of iOS 10.

Anatomy of a JWT Request

Heavily slanted toward Zendesk, obviously, but this post about SSO is excellent at breaking down the moving parts of JSON Web Tokens.

Tools That Interest Us

Algolia Places

Turn any HTML input field into an auto-completing address entry field.

Videos We've Been Watching

Building a Real-Time News Search Engine

Meet the backend which drives News Search at Bloomberg LP.

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve has been programming computers since the mid-1980s and has spent the last four years principally in web development. Outside of Box UK Steve is also a hardware hacker, and has accidentally become a consultant for "Internet of Things" research and development as a result of his interest in this field.

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