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Finding the Most Unhygienic Food in the UK

Oldie but goodie: Using Wolfram Mathematica to analyse data.

Build Yourself a Redux

Get a grasp on Redux's behaviour by building your own implementation!

Internet Trends 2017 Report

Latest edition of published internet trends.

A Year of Google Maps and Apple Maps

A fascinating and in-depth look at some of the recent differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Proposal to use Humans to switch settings in a Bell experiment

Computer random isn't random enough (i.e. pseudorandom); use brains to configure a truly random state to run Bell experiments.

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Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins is a Principal Developer at Box UK. Ian works mostly with PHP, but loves trying out new things. When not sat in front of a computer, he likes to read, watch films and follow sport. Ian thinks he is the only blog contributor who does not play the guitar.

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