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I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it  

Tim Berners Lee talks about some of the worrying trends he's spotted on the web and how he believes we can tackle them.

Css and Scalability  

A convincing essay on some of the failings of CSS at scale.

Kiss My Classname  

A rebuttal on the above essay from Jeffrey Zeldman.

Opinions of Leaders Considered Harmful  

A rebuttal of the rebuttal with a general theme that so-called experts in the CSS space aren't always right... stay tuned for the rebuttal of the rebuttal of the rebuttal!

Getting Started with CSS Grid

Continuing with the CSS theme this morning there's a new article on CSS-Tricks about getting started using CSS Grid. This is a new way of laying out elements similar to flexbox but is designed to lay items out in two dimensions whereas flexbox is only designed to lay stuff out in a single dimension.

A formal spec for GitHub Flavored Markdown  

Github finally announces a formal spec for its own flavour of markdown.

The Symfony Trademark  

Symfony creator and lead Fabien Potencier clears up a recent trademark dispute.

On Building Component Libraries

Fantastic post on starting using a component library from a chap at Clearleft. Some really good points for example where he mentions about it being very important to figure out how the integration of the library with the app you're using it on is going to happen before diving in.

Ubiquiti network gear can be 'hijacked by an evil URL'   

Ubiquiti network gear can be 'hijacked by an evil URL' - thanks to its 20-year-old PHP build.

Samsung Leaking Customer Information  

Because apparently there aren't enough numbers in the world, Samsung/AGS recycle their tracking numbers every year.

Tips For a Better Redux Architecture: Lessons for Enterprise Scale  

An approach to building very large apps using React.  

The million dollar engineering problem

How AWS can "make you spend money", and what you should really be doing, rather than just spending more money on AWS.

Modeling with Aggregates

A pretty good and succinct explanation of Modelling Aggregates.


Hyperdev, which became Gomix, is now called Glitch. And has online multiplayer mode!

“Hello, (real) world!” in PHP in 2017  

Most programming languages these days have a huge ecosystem around them including a bunch of tools and frameworks that are needed to build modern and well-structured applications. Here's one take on an up to date "Hello, World!" in PHP.

Tools that interest us


The React-centric, completely genius static site generator Gatsby heads towards a 1.0 release. 

Videos we've been watching

Creating a Collaborative Environment -- Designer vs. Developer #1  

The first part in a series about how we can all work together better.

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Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins is a Principal Developer at Box UK. Ian works mostly with PHP, but loves trying out new things. When not sat in front of a computer, he likes to read, watch films and follow sport. Ian thinks he is the only blog contributor who does not play the guitar.

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